"There is a scarlet thread of murder running through the colorless skein
of life..."
    Arthur Conan Doyle


Featured Title

Horses Are Dying In Hunt Country…

Death wears many faces for the equine athlete—shattered bone, twisted gut, raging fever—but when unexplainable losses pile up someone smells a scam. Jordan Pascoe, fresh out of vet school, is roped into an investigation by an ambitious claims adjuster with a simple threat: help, and keep it quiet, or the Board is told that he continues to gamble on races and violate probation.

…And People Will Follow

Pascoe digs into the baffling cases and a member of the privileged “horsey set” is murdered. Convinced of a connection, he asks tough questions and unsettles a society bent on knowing their neighbor’s secrets and holding tight to their own. Pascoe, ill-suited for intrigue, finds treachery in the shadow of the Blue Ridge and is soon fighting to protect his reputation, his career, and when he uncovers the truth, his life.


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